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Say hello to the GivEnergy EV Charger

Charge cheaper and greener, the smartest way possible.

Charge your ev using any energy source

The GivEnergy EV charger plays nicely with the grid, renewables, and home storage batteries. So you can manage your charging to suit your daily needs.


Affordably priced, to make clean electric charging accessible to all.


Tell the EV when to start and stop charging, and which energy source to use.


Quick, easy installation plus rapid plug-and-go charging.


Sleek, compact design to allow for installation in tight spaces.


Tough enough to live indoors or outdoors – rain or shine.


Primed to charge from renewables, and compatible with most EVs.

3 ways to charge

Power your electric vehicle with green energy, reducing carbon emissions.

Renewable power: Charge your EV for free using excess solar, wind, or hydro generation.

Battery power: manipulate the flow of energy from your storage battery to your EV charger.

Technical Specifications

How it works

Choose the right EV charger for you
Choose the charger that best suits your needs and budget. If you have any questions, speak to one of our experts.
Remote Survey
We aren’t faceless; our team offer a minimal-hassle remote surveying process. Our team will answer any questions, and talk you through the installation process.
Book your installation
We take a deposit at the time of booking to secure your appointment. Our average install time from order to installation is 7-14 days.
Installation, Energy Tariffs & Aftercare
The installation should take one day and we will need access to your home. Once everything’s set up, make sure you switch to a specialist electric vehicle home energy tariff and you should be good to go! Our team are always on hand to help, if you have any questions.

Proud to be Trusted by

We take pride in being a certified solar panel installation company, ensuring the highest standards
of quality and expertise for our valued customers.


Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our NICEIC Approved Contractor and Which? Trusted Trader status, alongside our MCS & RECC registrations.


We are not your typical tradesman. We pride ourselves on our service, which means turning up on time, tidying up after ourselves and having a dedicated office team to deliver exceptional aftercare, support, and help.


Trust is paramount, and we pride ourselves on operating with honesty and transparency in all our pricing, communication and service delivery.


Our experts stay at the forefront of solar technology, ensuring we can provide the most cutting-edge solutions for our clients and help them get the most from it.


Embracing innovation drives us to develop creative and sustainable energy solutions for a greener tomorrow.

Why choose Apex Doma?

When you choose Apex Doma, you’re choosing excellence. We pride ourselves on partnering with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the right charger for your specific requirements.

We’re on a mission to shatter conventional expectations of tradespeople whilst making the world a better place, one renewable energy solution at a time.


We’re here to answer your questions and provide the information you need to make informed decisions about EV charging. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries.

What is the cost of charging an electric vehicle at home?

This varies depending on your tariffs. Octopus offers smart charging at super low rates plus 6 hours of guaranteed cheap, green energy every night with at 7.5p /kWh off-peak rate. This works with more than 280 cars and chargers.

We have an Electric Peugeot Partner Van that gets charged charge every working day and costs around £60-70 per month. We are looking at transitioning all our vehicles to electric by 2026!

If you have solar, you can also charge your car for free! GivEnergy & Tesla also have EV Chargers that work with their batteries.

This all depends on your cars battery capacity.

Smaller 30kw batteries will charge in 2 – 4 hours.
Larger 110kw batteries may take 9 – 12 hours with a 7kw charger.
With a 22kW charger, a 110kw battery will charge in as little as 4 hours (provided the car can charge at that speed).
When batteries get to 80% charge, they often slow down the charge to preserve the length of battery life, and charging is often much faster from an empty battery.

Most users won’t use a full charge every day (like a tank of fuel) and will only be charging to top up the battery, so charging may only be for an hour or two each night.

Ready to plug in?