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Solar energy has emerged as a game-changing solution for renewable energy, offering a multitude of compelling benefits that extend beyond simply generating electricity. 

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Solar Solutions


Reduced Energy Bills

You can expect to save up to 80% on your monthly bill, when maximising your battery storage.


Better For The Planet

Reduce your carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the environment.


Energy Independence

Enjoy the freedom of generating your own energy and reducing your reliance on the grid.

Last year in numbers:

0 .0 MWh
That's almost half a gigawatt!
0 K tonnes
of carbon saved!
0 .3 %
electric drawn from the grid

Designing the perfect system for your energy needs

Your solar journey begins with a comprehensive consultation, where we understand your energy needs and architectural considerations. We then craft a tailored proposal and design a system that aligns with your requirements.

Measuring For Success

We evaluate the solar performance of every roof face, accounting for shading losses, and provide a clear cost breakdown, including panels, inverters, batteries, installation, scaffolding, and electrical components.

Data-Driven Accuracy

With meticulous attention to detail, we calculate the projected energy generation using MCS-accredited data and cost savings to ensure your system aligns with your electricity usage and budget. Making your switch to solar an informed and cost-effective choice.

how much does a typical system generate?

Panels Only System


First Year Savings

10 x 430w Panels

3.6kW String Inverter


3,157 Annual Generation

674 kg Annual CO2 Savings

30-35% Grid Independent


Panels + Battery

£916 Est.

First Year Savings

10 x 430w Panels

3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

5.2kW GivEnergy Battery

3,157 Est. Annual Generation

674 kg Annual CO2 Savings

55-60% Grid Independent


Large System


First Year Savings

14 x 430w Panels

5.0kW Hybrid Inverter

9.5 kW GivEnergy Battery

4,375 Annual Generation

929 kg Annual CO2 Savings

70-75% Grid Independent


These Are Modelled Estimates Based On A 3 Bed Semi-Detached House In Cheshire. 
Every system we design is tailor made to your energy usage and requirements, with a typical payback period of 7-9 years.

Solar Panel Systems

On Roof - In Roof - Ground Mounted

There are three main ways to install panels, the most common way is to fit them on to an existing roof. If you have the land, you can look at a ground mounted system, where we put them on pitched railed at ground-level. We also offer in-roof systems, which are designed to look sleek and barely noticeable.


Your inverter is the brains of your system, connecting any renewables, batteries, the grid, and the home.

Inverter Types

AC Coupled Inverter

An AC coupled inverter is perfect for adding energy storage capacity to an existing renewable installation – helping you maximise your investment.

Hybrid Inverter

Just setting out on your renewable energy journey? A hybrid inverter will help you get the most from your system – for maximum energy efficiency, and maximum savings.

Getting the most from your self-generated energy...

Beyond electricity generation, we offer additional solar benefits to help you get the most from your system. To make sure we provide the perfect solution, we leave no stone unturned:

Sell Your Excess Energy Back To The Grid

Under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) you will be paid for every unit of electricity that you send back to the grid, and it means your helping other people use green energy too.

Save It For Later With Battery Storage

A rechargeable home battery means you can store the excess energy from your solar panels for use anytime—even when the sun goes down.

Heat Your Water Tank

The eddi diverter allows you to use solar to power heating systems, heat water, or maximise the efficiency of a heat pump, reducing the work your boiler has to do and lowering your gas bill too.

Proud to be Trusted by

We take pride in being a certified solar panel installation company, ensuring the highest standards

of quality and expertise for our valued customers.

Why choose Apex Doma?

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our NICEIC Approved Contractor and Which? Trusted Trader status, alongside our MCS & RECC registration, we have earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Engineer-led, no salespeople.

Big enough to have good infrastructure, slick processes and professional service.

In-house delivery, one team from start to finish.

Small enough to be family run.

frequently asked questions

Most properties are suitable for solar installation. The power generation from the system will depend on the sunlight exposure. Naturally, the more south-facing the roof is, the more sunlight you will get and, therefore, generate more power. 

If you are unsure, book a free introductory solar call – we can look at the property using Google’s satellite imagery and advise – no obligation.

If you have the roof space, of course you can add more panels! You just need to make sure your inverter is big enough to manage the additional power generation. We can certainly advise you on this, and help you future-proof your system as much as possible. Speak to our team for a no-obligation conversation to discover what’s possible.

All the solar panels we install come with a market-leading 25 year product warranties, some up to 30 years! The technical specifications for your products are included in your proposal, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The lifespan and warranty does vary between products and manufacturers, so make sure you check all the quotes you receive.

No, you don’t need to have a new roof for your solar panels, but sometimes it can be a wise decision. Generally, most roofers will say that a slate roof should last around 50 years so it depends how old your roof is.

If you are considering replacing your roof, it’s a great opportunity to install an in-roof system. We will work alongside your roofer to ensure everything is ready for them.

We cannot remove and re-install systems not installed by us due to warranty complications. However, if you have a system installed by us – having it removed and reinstalled (for something like a re-roof) is something we can come and quote for you.

An installed solar-only system (no battery storage) typically is around £5995. There are cheaper panels and inverters available on the market, but it’s important to consider at the panel performance and efficiency, aesthetics, warranty, aftercare and support.

Our installations are typically carried out in 1-3 days, with the roofing teams first installing the railing and panels, followed by the electrical engineers completing the electrical installation, powering up and commissioning the system.

How much your panels generate is solely reliant upon the weather. If it is rainy with little cloud cover, you will still get some power generation from your system. The same if it very cold but still sunny, your panels will actually perform quite well on these days. If it is a very dark and cloudy day, you will find little to no generation on that particular day.

This is all factored into your proposal and calculations, we use MCS accredited data to look at a realistic generation for your specific property – not just a national average or rough estimate.

We can accept payment via credit card & American Express.

We do have a finance partner we work closely with, and can make introductions if you are considering this option.

High interest rates will impact the savings you are making on your electricity bill, and it’s important for us to do the right thing for our customers. 

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