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Say hello to Battery Storage

Available as a standalone solution or used to store self-generated energy from solar, battery storage will allow you to save money on your energy bills from month one by accessing cheaper night-time energy tariffs.

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why battery storage?


Charge Up Your Battery

You can use self-generated solar energy, or charge at a cheaper rate from the grid during the night.


Use at Peak Times

This reduces your electricity bill by using the power that you’ve got stored, rather than the expensive electric from the grid.


Feed Into The Grid

Anything you don’t need, you can sell back to the grid. Schedule charging & discharging for maximum benefit.

working with market-leading manufacturers

There’s lots of battery storage solutions on the market, we only work with brands we would be happy to put in our own homes.
We are proud to be approved installers for both Tesla & GivEnergy, bringing you the best technology, warranties and aftercare service on the market.

Tesla Powerwall

Perfect if you get power outages and want to operate off-grid.

GivEnergy Batteries

Premium energy management solutions at an accessible price.

Pair with solar and recharge

The battery will be charged with your excess power during the day, storing all that energy that isn’t being used by your home. You can then use the battery to run your home during the evening or at night, using up that stored energy without taking anything from the grid. You can even discharge to the grid at peak times for financial incentives!

The best bit, it all happens automatically. Intelligent battery software uses algorithms to calculate when to store or discharge energy. This also works with solar, calculating when to use, store or sell the energy back to the grid for maximum cost savings.

Can I add a battery onto my existing system?

Of course! The only thing you might need to upgrade is your inverter.

If you have an existing system that benefits from the government’s old Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme, then you can go on taking advantage of that, your FIT payment will stay the same because you’re paid for all of the energy you generate.

Protecting your Feed-In Tariff

To protect these profitable payments while also taking advantage of battery storage, we recommend having what we would call an AC-coupled system. We leave the existing system exactly as it is and put a second inverter in to manage the charging and discharging of the battery. By installing this way, maximum energy continues to pass through the FIT-registered meter, giving you the highest possible income from the scheme.

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Why choose Apex Doma?

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our NICEIC Approved Contractor and Which? Trusted Trader status, alongside our MCS & RECC registration, have earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Engineer-led, no salespeople.

Big enough to have good infrastructure, slick processes and professional service.

In-house delivery, one team from start to finish.

Small enough to be family run.

Frequently asked questions

No problem! We can retrofit a battery storage system to your existing system. We may need to look at upgrading parts of your system, such as the inverter, or we can install an AC-coupled system which has its own inverter and operates independently. We will discuss all your options as part of our consultation process.

We pride ourselves on building tailored systems to suit your specific needs and requirements, so it’s impossible for us to give accurate prices or “packages” online. But to give an indication of prices, we would recommend at least a £5,000 budget for a battery storage system.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we break down your full system in the quote, so you can see exactly where your money is going and provide you with options so you can make a well-informed decision.

Smaller batteries are available, e.g. a 2.5kWh from GivEnergy – but in most cases, these don’t work out as cost-effective as the installation costs are the same.

A battery storage system is designed to be wall-mounted or ground-mounted. Both the  GivEnergy batteries and Tesla Powerwalls can be installed outside or indoors.

At the quote stage, we will talk you through appropriate locations during the home survey, and then the engineers will confirm the location on the day before installation.

Just as you can charge your car at night, when electricity is at its cheapest, you can charge your battery and use it during the evening when electricity is more expensive.

It works exactly the same as a solar-installed system; it’s just that it charges from the grid at night rather than from the sun during the day.

The UK Government has taken a huge step towards sustainable energy by slashing the VAT on Battery Storage to 0%.

This is effective from the 1st of February 2024 and provides a significant financial advantage to both stand-alone energy storage systems and those added to existing solar PV systems.

Battery installation is usually completed in one day; occasionally, we may need to return the following day to commission the system if software updates are required.

If you want your Feed In Tariff to be unaffected, we recommend having an AC-coupled battery system.

We leave the existing Solar PV system exactly as it is and install a second inverter to manage the charging and discharging of the battery. This way, all the energy you generate passes through the FIT-registered meter before being stored in the battery, giving you the highest possible income from the scheme.

You’re not cheating the system, energy suppliers are perfectly happy with this and actively encourage it.

Yes you can! We will come and give you a quote to safely uninstall your battery from your current system and re-install at your new property.

If you have solar, removing the battery element is a little more complex, but still possible. We would look to replace the inverter with a simple string inverter so you can take both your inverter and battery with you.

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