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All the benefits of solar power with seamless aesthetics.

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Is an in-roof system the best solution for you?

Solar roof or integrated solar panels are designed to sit flush with your roof tiles. Unlike an onroof system, where they are mounted to rails on top of the tiles. The roof tiles needs to be removed, to allow the panels to be fitted, which can be added expense if you weren’t planning on having any roof work done. These in-roof panels are 100% waterproof and designed to behave as a roof tile would.



Seamlessly blending into your home’s architecture for a modern, attractive appearance, even for retrofits.

Planning Permission

Streamlined design makes in-roof panels more likely to gain planning permission, ideal for listed buildings.

Pigeon-Proof and Clean

Flush panels deter nesting, and no visible fixtures mean minimal debris buildup.


Panel Efficiency

Slightly lower efficiency (5-10%) due to snug installation.

Roofing Requirements

More complex and costly retrofits, best suited for new builds or re-roofing projects.

Building a solar system designed to work for you

Whether you’re in all day, half day, or out all day, we’ve got you covered. We consider your current electricity usage and plan for potential increases.

Precision in Planning

We meticulously evaluate the solar performance of every roof face, accounting for shading losses, and provide a transparent cost breakdown, covering panels, inverters, batteries, installation, scaffolding, and electrical components.

Reliable Data, Reliable Savings

We rely on MCS accredited data to accurately estimate your energy consumption. Our aim is to offer you a dependable forecast of your financial and environmental savings. With us, your transition to solar is seamless and cost-effective.

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The Solar Trifecta

Electrical Installation

As NIC approved electricians, we provide the safe isolation of each component including:

Getting the most out of your self generated energy

Sell Your Excess Energy Back To The Grid

Did you know, that you can feed any electricity you don’t use back to the grid? Under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) you will be paid for every unit of electricity that you feed back, and it means your helping other people use green energy too.

Save It For Later With Battery Storage

A rechargeable home battery means you can store the excess energy from your solar panels for use anytime—even when the sun goes down.

Heat Water With Solar

The eddi diverter allows you to use solar to power heating systems, heat water, or maximise the efficiency of a heat pump, reducing the work your boiler has to do and lowering your gas bill too.


Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our NICEIC Approved Contractor and Which? Trusted Trader status, alongside our MCS & RECC registrations.


We are not your typical tradesman. We pride ourselves on our service, which means turning up on time, tidying up after ourselves and having a dedicated office team to deliver exceptional aftercare, support, and help.


Trust is paramount, and we pride ourselves on operating with honesty and transparency in all our pricing, communication and service delivery.


Our experts stay at the forefront of solar technology, ensuring we can provide the most cutting-edge solutions for our clients and help them get the most from it.


Embracing innovation drives us to develop creative and sustainable energy solutions for a greener tomorrow.

Why choose Apex Doma?

When you choose Apex Doma, you’re choosing excellence. We pride ourselves on partnering with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the right charger for your specific requirements.

We’re on a mission to shatter conventional expectations of tradespeople whilst making the world a better place, one renewable energy solution at a time.


Every system is different, and we design your system specifically for you based on your electricity usage, location and other factors. 

However to provide you with a rough indication of a costs, a 14 panel in-roof system is roughly £10,000 installed. Any required battery storage would be costed separately.

Adding additional panels to an in-roof system is often non-cost-effective due to the labour costs involved.

We can certainly advise you on this, and help you future-proof your system as much as possible. Speak to our team for a no-obligation conversation to discover what’s possible.

All the solar panels we install come with a market-leading 25 year product warranties, some up to 30 years! The technical specifications for your products are included in your proposal, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The lifespan and warranty does vary between products and manufacturers, so make sure you check all the quotes you receive.

No, you don’t need to have a new roof for your solar panels, but sometimes it can be a wise decision. Generally, most roofers will say that a slate roof should last around 50 years, so it depends on how old your roof is.

If you are considering replacing your roof, it’s a great opportunity to install an in-roof system. We will work alongside your roofer to ensure everything is ready for them.

We cannot remove and re-install systems not installed by us due to warranty complications. However, if you have a system installed by us – having it removed and reinstalled (for something like a re-roof) is something we can come and quote for you.

In most cases, you do not need planning permission from the council to install solar panels.

Your electricity supplier does need to be made aware of the installation, so they can manage the flow of electricity effectively. This is either done via a G99 or G98 application.

If your system is larger than 4Kw, the G99 application must be accepted before installation takes place. We manage this application for you, we just need you to sign an authority form so we can contact your electricity provider on your behalf.

If your system is under 4Kw then we submit the G98 to the DNO as a “connect & notify” form, as we do not need to wait for permission. We do this prior to installation, so you can get your tariffs & SEG payments sorted as quickly as possible.

Once the roof has been stripped and felt & battens installed by your roofer, our roofing team will come and install the mounting system, wiring & panels. This typically takes 1-2 days, depending on the size of the system.

Once this is complete, your roofer can then return to fit all the tiles snug to the panels. Our electrical team will then come and complete the electrical installation (usually in one day) and commission the system to get it live.

How much your panels generate is solely reliant upon the weather. If it is rainy with little cloud cover, you will still get some power generation from your system. The same if it very cold but still sunny, your panels will actually perform quite well on these days. If it is a very dark and cloudy day, you will find little to no generation on that particular day.

This is all factored into your proposal and calculations, we use MCS accredited data to look at a realistic generation for your specific property – not just a national average or rough estimate.

We can accept payment via credit card & American Express.

We do have a finance partner we work closely with, and can make introductions if you are considering this option.

High interest rates will impact the savings you are making on your electricity bill, and it’s important for us to do the right thing for our customers.

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